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Safety and comfort - Begins with the floor you stand on.


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A real time economic solution to control contamination!


  • Tacky surface of Tacky Trak clean room mats is very effective in removal of all sorts of dirt from castors and shoes. Hence, experience lesser chance of contaminants in a clean room environment.
  • The design is unique as it contains all the dirt and dust trapped inside it. Just remove and dispose of the upper film when it is completely contaminated.
  • Every Tacky Trak pad contains 60 layers of tough film which are laminated together in one stack. It can be easily cleaned and is efficient.
  • Clean room Tacky Trak mats controls dirt in an economic way for low-profile carpets, concrete surfaces or tiles.
  • These sticky matting is an ideal choice for laboratories, sterile environments, hospitals as well as other clean rooms.
  • Tacky Trak mats are available in variety of size frames. It offers a fantastic means of placing the mats in the correct places like in the gateway to the entrance of the clean room environment.
  • Each box or case consists of 10 pads, where each layer is numbered.



0.6 m x 0.9 m

0.9 m x 1.14 m

ColourStandard blue
ApplicationsElectronics Manufacture, Clean Rooms, Dust Free Environments, Hospitals, Laboratories and other sterile environments.


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