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Safety and comfort - Begins with the floor you stand on.


Create an ever-lasting impression with a logo printed mat!


  • The customized Logo Mats from Work Well Mats protect the floor as well as create an impression about your company.
  • Experience exceptional turnaround time with Work Well Logo Mat, no matter whether you are using a single mat.
  • Expose your true color from the huge palette of 30 colours. You can choose around 8 colours from our palette.
  • In-house graphic designing is available from us. You only need to have an electronic copy of your promotional item and the basic instructions regarding your subject and goal.
  • Strong Nitrile Rubber backing guarantees complete grease and oil resistance. No chance of slipping.
  • Heat-Set nylon piles trap more dirt and dust than the standard options. It also caters greater performance life.
  • Unique printing procedure of Work Well delivers visual clarity and enticing definition.


Sizes0.85m x 1.2m, 1.5m x 2.4m and 1.8m x 6m (maximum custom size).

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