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Safety and comfort - Begins with the floor you stand on.


Matting & Underfoot Accessories

Accessories are also essential to maintain the quality of mats. We, at WWM, offer you the most efficient mat accessories which come in varieties. These accessories not only assist in maintenance but also ensure that the mats function properly. The effectiveness of the mats is indeed implemented through these accessories.

Our accessories with anti-slip property like the rug lock and Treadwell anti-slip tapes & cleats contribute to the grip on the floors to make them more secured for treading. This in turn, helps prevent accidents and other untoward incidents. Other accessories like the brush, broom and Vanish are effective cleaners which are used for the maintenance of the mats. Thus, we not only provide safe flooring experience but a complete matting solution with the aid of these accessories. This ensures that the mats work effectively without any hindrance.


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