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Electrical Matting

Treadwell offers electrical matting to assure protection to workers dealing with high voltage equipments and electrical switchboard. These mats are available at a very competitive price.

These electrical mats are much in need in workplaces nowadays, since they ensure total safety and security to the workers performing electrical operations of all kinds. These are super safe rubber mats are specifically designed to protect from electric shocks.

Work Well Mats are equipped with high dielectrical strength and insulation resistant. Our safety matting can be used anywhere where you can sense the danger of electric shock. Industrial matting comes in diverse sizes from a metre to a full length one. Our anti static electrical matting is also designed to offer you a firm grip.

Our well fabricated engineered range of matting offer critical solution to variety of requirements in power plants. They provide wonderful floor coverage for complete security of the workers from leakage of current. Our electrical mats are designed with specific thickness according to customer requirement. The basic characteristics of Work Well Mats are – they are long lasting, easy to maintain and clean and can be easily installed.

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