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Safety and comfort - Begins with the floor you stand on.


Catering & Hospitality Matting

WWM offers high quality matting solutions for catering and hospitality sectors which are designed in order to provide comfort and safety to those that tread on it. In the hospitality sector, places like restaurants and bars are more susceptible to spilling and wetness. The anti-slip mats that we offer protects by reducing the slippery nature of the floor. In the catering sector the staff are continuously exposed to all forms of liquid which when spilled on the floor, make it dangerous for walking. Our matting solutions come with anti-fatigue feature which helps to avoid accidents and other untoward incidents.

At WWM, we focus on delivering high quality matting solutions. Our first priority is to provide comfort as well as safety to the user. By using nitrile greaseproof rubber in our mats we ensure that the floor is free from grease, oil and other liquids which it absorbs and drains away. This material also increases the durability of the mat. Our mats are also designed to provide cushion to the fee by reducing the stress laid on joints, legs and the back, making it more comfortable to tread on the floor. Thus, your floors remains protected and you experience comfortable and safe treading experience.


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